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Saw Mill Equipment

At Metal Works we manufacture a full line of saw mill equipment.  From our industry leading short log debarker to some of the most dependable band saws on the market.  We can customize an entire operation to fit your needs, from the first log deck to the last stacking belt.  Give us a chance to design a new layout and quote your equipment.

Metal Works Six Head Band Saw with 40" wheels, 1 1/2" blades, automatic return, automatic infeed

Metal Works Two Head Band Saw with 36" wheels and automatic return

Metal Works Short log Debarker for logs up to 60" long ready to ship

Metal Works Debarker Head being machined at our plant, we offer all types of machined products including Band Saw wheels, Recrowning Band Saw wheels, saw arbors, collars, spacers, ect. 

Metal Works Short log Debarker, 72" Log cut up saw and Operator cab being installed

Metal Works Log cut up saw with 72" blade ready to ship

Metal Works custom designed Stave saw system with 40" wheels, 1 1/2" blade, automatic return

Metal Works Sap-Edger for stave operation

Metal Works Board Edger

Metal Works Unscrambler with 4-strand Deck

Metal Works Sizer and 2-Head Bandsaw

Metal Works Popup Cutoff Saw