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Truck Paint Booths

Above Truck Booth shown with heated air make-up down draft air flow. 

18' wide x 16' tall x 60' long

Metal Works 360 Inc. can custom build a truck booth to fit your needs.  The bigger the better, we can build paint booths for entire trucks and trailers, or simple cut in booths for touch up.

53' trailer shown in a down draft paint booth with heated air make-up

Roll-up doors installed on this drive through truck booth

Roof mount heated air make up unit

Heated air make-up control panel

Pictured with digital temp. readout, spray/cure modes, and variable speed exhaust controls 

Truck Booth for maintaining and repairing the rear doors of trailers

Paint booth shown with side down draft air flow, Roll-up door on one end with clear hanging curtains on the other.