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Custom Paint Booths

Semi Down Draft paint booth, with double swinging doors.

Inside working dimensions 15' 8" wide x 26' long x 9' tall.

Side Down Draft drive through paint booth with heated air make-up system, custom spray/bake controls, double swinging doors at each end, and a single personnel door

Metal Works 360 Inc. is an industry leader in custom paint booths to fit the customer's needs.  We sale you what you need and what will work the best in your individual situation.  Every spray booth we sale is individually built in our manufacturing facility per your order.  Unlike our competitors we can actually customize a booth to fit in your shop.  Whether its a low ceiling or an offset room, we are the answer for your paint booth needs.

We offer many types of air flow systems to choose from:

Down Draft

Side Down Draft

Semi Down Draft

Cross Flow

Standard Paint Booth Features

18 gauge panels with high reflective white finish

Inside dimensions 26' long x 15' 8" wide x 9' tall

14- 4 bulb light fixtures w/ color correct bulbs

1- 30" x 80" personnel door

Double swinging entry doors with view windows 

Options available include:

Heated Air Make-up system

Drive through

Roll-up Doors

Raised floor down draft booth, where no floor pit is needed

Length, width, and height flexibility

Additional light fixtures

Additional personnel doors

Metal works 360 Inc. also offers custom built mixing rooms to fit in your location and house all of your paint materials

Air make-up control box for

Paint Booth

Roof mounted Spray Booth

air make-up unit with filter box

Roll seal door, mounted on drive through Paint Booth