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Easy-Way Workstation

    Introduced to the market in 2010, the Metal Works Easy-Way Workstation, the latest and greatest profit saving work bay product. 

    When used as a car lift the Workstation not only saves room but also saves your employees.  With its three work heights and ultra low profile it can be used for any step in the repair process.  At 3" tall when fully lowered, it goes almost unnoticed, but when its time to work the Workstations multiple work heights can make a normally difficult repair seem effortless.  Whether its sanding a fender, mounting a rocker panel, or installing a bumper the Workstation has a height to put your work right in front of you.  No more crawling on the ground or excessive bending to get the work done. 

    When used as a Frame Machine the Workstation features our exclusive pin lock system to install the pull tower.  Once installed the pull tower has 360* free rotation around the deck just like our larger full size frame machines.  The tower features 4 1/2 ton pulling capability to allow for quick and easy repair to most all damaged vehicles in today's auto body repair market.

    Every Easy-Way Workstation comes with our electric hydraulic pump unit to raise the car lift and power the optional pull post, two load/unload ramps, and four unibody stands.  Our pump unit comes complete on a roll around cart to ensure easy access to your 120V electrical outlet.  Also, the pump unit features a two button hand held remote that is easy to use and easily accessible.

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Easy-Way Workstation



    Optional Easy-Way Workstation pull tower turns the car lift into a frame machine with 4 1/2 tons of pulling power.  Multiple pull towers can be added to meet your needs.  The pull collar with hydraulic cylinder can be adjusted the entire height of the tower, as well as rotate to pull in line with the damage.  The tower features an innovative pin lock system to securely mount the tower to the deck. It is extremely simple to install one of our pull towers, and best of all you don't have to carry anything.  Just simply roll the tower to the deck, slide it into place, and then rotate two pins to thier placement holes and your tower is secure and free to rotate 360* around the frame machine. 

    The photos above show our Easy-Way Workstation unibody stands.  They are height adjustable and can be installed  almost anywhere on the deck to ensure the best possible location for the vehicle.  4 stands, complete with unibody clamps and wrench come standard with every Workstation.

    We want to make your shop as efficient as possible with all of our equipment,  and the Easy-Way Workstaion does just that.  The Workstation stays flat on the ground when not in use and repairs and work can be done just like normal.  But, when it's needed, nothing else comes close to the quality and speed you will find with our Workstation.  From the super easy to install pull tower to the hundreds of chain tie downs built into the deck, nothing else can speed up the repair process like the Metal Works Easy-Way Workstation.  

    We believe that every work bay in your shop would benifit from having one of our Workstations, but we also understand that costs are continually rising.  We have kept that in mind on the Workstation, and thats why we offer the pull tower assembly seperate.  The Workstation is so versatile that we believe you may not need a pull tower for every machine.  You may only need one tower for every two or even three machines.  If in the future you decid you need one or more additional pull towers, you would simply order the additional towers and keep your costs as low as possible.

    We don't want you and your employees to keep doing things the old fashioned hard way, start doing things the easy way, with our Easy-Way Workstation.

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