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Frame Racks

At Metal Works 360 Inc. we offer a wide range of frame machine sizes and options.  In our deluxe line we offer machines 7' 10" wide and up to 22' 6" long.  In our economy line we offer machines 7' wide and up to 18' long. 

Shown above is our 20' long 2 tower rack from our deluxe line.

Our machines come standard with 2 pull towers, and  you have the option of pulling configuration.  We have both a push up (round) tower and a pull down (square) tower.  Both come equiped with 10 tons of pulling power and exclusively at Metal Works 360 Inc. 14" of pulling stroke.  All towers come with height adjustable self aglining collars. 

 Metal Works 360 machines are true 360 machines meaning that each tower can rotate all 360 degrees around the machine.  They also come standard with 4 adjustable unibody stands and loading ramps.

Shown above is a 22' 6" long open front rack from our deluxe line.

Options available for our frame machines include:

additional pull towers

open front

electric or air over hydraulic pumps

adjustable truck holders

dual tilt

Quad working heights (only at Metal Works 360 Inc.)

Roof puller, down pulley, etc.

Frame machine accessory packages

Full line of Mo-Clamp parts and accessories

Easy-Way Workstation

    The Easy-Way Workstation is another great product added to the Metal Works 360 line of frame machines and auto body equipment.  In this new age of auto body repair the Workstation is in high demand for every work bay in your shop.  With its versatility from being a simple lift, to its quick transformation to a full 4 1/2 ton frame rack, there is no machine that can match it on today's market.

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